Por Italian Kitchen Design With An Additional Modern Touch

Beautiful kitchen design that still loved by every generation is Italian kitchen design. Italian rich culture and culinary combination is what creates Italian kitchen. It is designed to blend the two aspects, to create a comfortable area not only for the person who does the cooks, but also the whole family. Kitchen cabinets design made from Europe are always interesting, and this Italian kitchen is adorable.

Italian kitchen has a unique characteristic which is the large cooking area size. Not only that, usually Italian kitchen area is merged with dining room area. This is because the rich cooking culture, close kinship between family members. Italian kitchen also usually wear wood material for furniture and other kitchen elements. Italian kitchen decor is quite rich in ornaments and other textures which can be usually seen in kitchen counter. Italian kitchen cabinets generally do not use windows. It is intended to create an atmosphere of minimalist and tidy.

You can see the warm atmosphere in every kitchen that uses many wooden materials. Wood colors, either dark or light brown, will be perfect for traditional kitchen themes, especially Italian design. All of them are also supported with the maximum storage space, as you can see the wall in every kitchen cupboard. Most of the kitchen designs supported by the dining table so that the kitchen is very functional. For lighting effects, you can also choose the classic Italian chandeliers which will be a cool addition.

Traditional Italian kitchen designs are still popular worldwide, but there is growing trend toward modern kitchen theme. Today’s Italian kitchen design is more minimalist than its predecessors. This is due to popular demand of a more spacious and compact kitchen. Many house had smaller kitchen than before, so it is become a challenge for Italian designer to create a modern Italian kitchen design.