Celebrating Thanksgiving Day With Decorations

Thanksgiving day is an annual event that celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. American usually celebrate this day. The purpose of celebrating Thanksgiving day is want to say thanks to God for all the gifts in their life. Like the other annual days, Thanksgiving day is celebrated in order to be able to gather with family or friends.

In Thanksgiving day, you have to make this day to be memorable day. You have to decorate your home as beautiful as possible. Of course, the decoration should be fitted with Thanksgiving theme. You can decorate your home with Thanksgiving decorations. Thanksgiving decorations can support the excitement of Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving day is celebrated in November, it is autumn season. So that, Thanksgiving decorations should have theme about autumn. The basic colors of Thanksgiving decorations are orange, yellow, brown, and red. Thanksgiving decorations can be set inside home and outside home.

For Thanksgiving decorations inside home, you can use the following decorations. Pumpkin can be used as Thanksgiving decorations because you know that Thanksgiving day is the annual event after Halloween day. You can put it on the fireplace mantel with other decorations, such as autumn leaves, sunflower, framed photos, and the writing of “Thanksgiving Day”. On the dining table, you can put some scented candles with vintage candelabra, the cutlery, a jar of crannies, several pumpkins, and a vase of flowers.

For Thanksgiving decorations outside home, you can use the following decorations. For the door, you can hang Thanksgiving wreath that made of arrangement of dry leaves and small pumpkins. Beside the door, you can put several pumpkins and potted flowers. In the backyard, you can put chicken turkeys lanterns. It looks so amazing.

Thanksgiving decorations can help you make Thanksgiving day to be more cheerful. So, don’t be doubtful in decorating your home when Thanksgiving day!